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Cigarettes Effect for Human

A. Definition
definition cigarettes is a cylinder of paper length sized between 70 to 120 mm (varies by country) with a diameter of 10 mm containing tobacco leaves that have been shredded. Cigarette burned on one end and allowed to smolder smoke that can be inhaled through the mouth on the other end.Cigarettes are usually sold in a box shaped parcel or package of paper that can be incorporated easily into a pocket. In recent years, these packs are also generally accompanied by health messages that warn smokers of the health impacts that may result from smoking, such as lung cancer or heart attack (even though in reality it is just a decoration, it is seldom obeyed).People in the world who smoke for the first time is the Indian tribes in the United States, for ritual purposes such as worshiping the gods or spirits. In the 16th century, when Europeans discovered America, some of the European explorers were involved try smoking cigarettes and then brought tobacco to Europe. Then the habit of smoking began to appear in European royalty. But unlike the Indians who smoked for ritual purposes, in Europe people smoke just for the sheer enjoyment. 17th century Spanish traders go to Turkey and then get in the habit of smoking from Islamic countries.

Contain Of a Cigarrate


B. Smoking Effect
Cigarettes are the toxic effects of suggestion relaxed and feel more manly. Behind the usefulness or benefits of cigarettes contained a piece of a very big danger for people who smoke and those around smokers than non-smokers. 

1. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals of which 200 are poisonous and 43 other types can cause cancer of the body. Some of the most dangerous substances are tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, etc.. 
2. Cigarette smoke is the newly dead in an ashtray containing three times as much cancer-promoting substance in the air and 50 times the material contained pengeiritasi eye and respiratory irritation. The shorter the higher cigarette toxicity ready to float into the air. A place filled with cigarette smoke pollution is more dangerous than pollution on the streets were jammed highway. 

3. Someone who tried smoking usually be addictive because cigarettes are addictive is difficult released under any circumstances. A heavy smoker will choose to smoke than eat when they have limited money. 

4. The high price of cigarettes would be very incriminating those who are poor, so that the health and family welfare is often diverted to buy cigarettes. Famous brand cigarettes are usually owned by foreign tobacco companies come from abroad, so the money spent smokers will flee to foreign countries that reduce foreign exchange. Cigarette factory that employs many workers will not be able to improve the lives of its employees, so if the cigarette factory closed its workers can be employed in other businesses that are more creative and bring in foreign exchange. 

5. Some smokers will usually invite other people who do not smoke to smoke to feel the same pain with, which is trapped in an evil addiction cigarette smoke. Some smokers also are deliberately smoking in public places to be smoke that can be inhaled exhaled others, so that others will be affected by cancer. 

6. Activities that damage the body is a sin, so that cigarettes can be categorized as an unlawful object or item that must be avoided and shunned as far as possible. Ulema or religious scholars who smoke may have a different perception in this regard.

                                                         smoking effect

So it can be concluded that smoking is an activity undertaken stupid human who gave money, health, social life, reward, positive perceptions, and so forth. So thank you if you do not smoke, because you are a smart / intelligent.When someone offers you a cigarette then starting well. Feeling kasihanlah in those who smoke. Do not listen to those who think you are lower than they otherwise follow ngerokok. because in their hearts and minds in their right mind want to quit smoking.


Anonymous said…
Gusmawati Yusuf said…
Give me evidence to show that smoking can cause cancer? What substances contained in cigarettes that cause it to happen?
afni yunita said…
can you explain to me why contain in cigarette can damage lungs??
Gusmawati ; in the cigarrate contain dangerous substance for example nicotine..nicotine can increase growth cell until become cancer cell..

Afni ; ok....nicotine in the cigarrate can damage lungs cell and make alveolus cannot take oxigen in the blood...
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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