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Physics In Our Life

Do you know what are Physics?
Physics are a part of science which talking about change of matter in physical not in Chemist.for example water that cooking on the air will change to water steam in vaporization process.
  In our life,all activity which we do are physics process. eating,speaking,runing,etc are part of Physics.without physics proces we can not do it. The scientist have classification of physics become classics physics and modern physics.

what different between modern physics and clasics physics
in the clasics physics,all change physics as motion,fluid and other not attention change of time and change of light speed.but in modern physics all of change physic viewed from light speed,time and different observer. In physics modern talking about of atoms and motion it and motion of the smallet particle which cannot see by eyes.

who is the Father of modern Physics?
He is Albert Enstein.He famous in the world cause equal energy that he made,that is E=m.C2.and he mad…

Suku Kerinci

Suku Kerinci