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Answer the Final test of English for special purpose

 By  Hafiful Hadi S NIM RSA1C311018 Physics Education Student 2011 a simple research about the kinetic energy associated with your daily life and arrange your report in accord with the sixth science process skills you have already understood.
In my diary life
When playingthe ballon the groundIwas exhaustedwhatif morekickingthe ballyour bodywill be moretired. as well as theballkicked, whenwekicktheballhardwill bethrownfarther. apparentlyfeltfatiguecaused by a changeintheenergyofthe motion ofthebodyinto kinetic energyto the ball. This energycauses the ballwas thrownormoved from onepositiontoanotherposition.
  In physics, the energy possessed bya movingballis calledkinetic energy. Energy isthe ability to dowork. thereforewhen itis connectedwith theworkin gettingan equation:
Ek=kinetic energy(J)
v=velocity(m /s)
of the equationis knownthat the kinetic energydependon mass and velocity
as the ballof mass misthrownwitha certain velocity, it has akinetic energy, the great…

how rainbows are formed?

Suku Kerinci

Suku Kerinci