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Statics Electricity Experiment

Static ElectricityHow the problem of static electricity generated?Tools and Materials Used :
  •     Balloon with a diameter of more l
  •     Lack of hand washing soap 23 cm l
  •     Air l
  •     Rulers l
  •     Towels l
  •     Scissors l
  •     Adults as assistant l
  •     L sewing thread
  •     Hair dryer if the air is humid. l
  •     Isolation
Procedure :NOTE: This experiment works better in dry air. If the air is very humid, ask an adult to drain the balloon with a hair dryer.
  1.    Blow up a balloon and tie the ends.
  2.     Tie a piece of yarn to the balloon length of 30 cm.
  3.     Isolation of the free end of the string to the edge of the table.
  4.     Wash and dry your hands. Your hands should be clean and very dry.
  5.     Sit on the floor near the balloon.
  6.     Hold the balloon with one hand and quickly rub one hand back and forth on the surface of a balloon eight to ten times.
  7.     Remove the balloon and let it hang freely.
  8.     Put your hands scrubbed before close and to the side of the balloon, but the balloon does not   touch. 

The balloon moves toward your hand.Why?
     Static electricity is the energy possessed by electrically charged objects. Electric charge can be negative or positive. All substances are made of atoms. Each atom has a nucleus composed of protons and electrons that surround it. Protons have a positive electrical charge and electrons have a negative electrical charge. When two substances such as a balloon and rub your hands together, electrons are drawn from material having a weak magnetism (hand) and stick to the material that has strong appeal (balloon).
This causes the two materials become electrically charged. The material that loses electrons becomes positively charged and the material gain electrons to become negatively charged. Balloons and hands are electrically neutral (the number of positive and negative charge comparable) before being rubbed. Due to the amount of positive charge and negative alike. Once polished, the balloon has a negative charge excess and hands have excess positive charge. Electrical charges attract each other are not similar, so the balloon a negative charge to the positive charge hand drawn due to differences in charges. Notice in the picture that there is no change in the total number of charges combined. Rubbing causes the electrons there are moves from one object to another object.

Let's Observe!

   Is the number of rubbing the balloon affect the outcome? Repeat the experiment twice: first, reduce the number rubbing several times, and then add number rubbing.

    Is rubbing a balloon with different materials will affect the outcome? Repeat the original experiment, rub a balloon with a kind of different fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, and / or rayon and with materials such as paper and plastic. Instructions for scientific competition: Take pictures during the test material, and the test results can be used as part of the display experiment.

    Is the balloon shape affect the outcome? Repeat the original experiment, change the balloon with a longer and / or wavy balloons.
 Demonstrate that there is excess charge on the area where the balloon rubbed. Use markers to put an X on the area. Repeat the original experiment, give a little light round the balloon spinning. The balloon will spin and stop with the X facing your hand.

Another way to demonstrate static electricity is to place approximately 20 pieces of cereal grains disseminated on the table. Gumpalkan plastic food wrap a length of 60 cm form a fist-sized clumps. Rub the plastic wrap quickly backwards and forwards stretched the size of a sheet of paper 10 to 15 times. With the sudden hold the plastic granules. Plastic should be near, but not touching the cereal.

The fabrics were removed from the dryer often stick together. Prepare a display using a simple image or photo to illustrate an example of the daily events of the effects of static electricity.

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what is rubbing a balloon in one direction produces a different result in this direction by rubbing a balloon back and forth?

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that's good hafiful..
but I want to ask you,why ballons contain electricity.,.?.,?

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is rubbing the ballons with different material affect the outcome?

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why electricity equal charges if brought close repel each other?

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